Journey to a Healthier Me

Living life and getting healthy one step at a time.

Inaugural Post March 17, 2010

Filed under: Miscellaneous — Cyndi @ 12:27 am

Hello! And welcome to my blog about living a healthy life. I started my weight loss journey at the end of September 2009, and I haven’t looked back sense. Well, maybe I looked back a little, but just to say goodbye to the 50 pounds I’ve lost so far. It hasn’t been easy, and it has taken some creative cooking on my part, but it’s happening.

In order to make sure I keep going on this awesome path, I’ve created this blog. I want a place to share the fun recipes I’ve been trying out, as well as discuss the myriad of emotions I go through on my journey. I figure there are thousands of people struggling with weight loss, and maybe something I’m doing could be beneficial to them.

So, check back often because I promise there will be a ton of delicious pictures for you to salivate over. And of course I’ll post the recipes so you can create the healthy food at home for yourself.  You can also join me as I try out different work outs on my never-ending quest to discover a fun way to exercise!

Every Tuesday I will be post my “Wonder of the Weigh-In” post where I talk about my progress for the week, and the topics covered in my weekly meeting. (This weeks post will be a little late, of course.)

There are great things coming on this blog. I promise!

And if that doesn’t work I promise to post pictures of my monster dog doing adorable things.

Question for you: Are you working towards any goals? It can be weight loss or otherwise. Tell me about it! What are you struggling with/proud of/ wondering about? I want to know.


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