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Every Story has a Beginning July 25, 2010

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You know, it’s kind of funny. When I wrote my first post for this blog I expected to update it regularly. And yet, here I am, just now getting to my second post. Sometimes life gets away from you, but I’m here now, and I promise to give you tons of excellent updates.

Are we cool now?


I’m starting this blog about a year into my weight loss journey, but I want to tell you a little about how I got here. Picture that slightly awkward overweight girl from high school. That was me. I’ve been overweight for as long as I can remember, and I can recall the first time the doctor used the word obese when he was talking to me, even though my mother had expressly told him not to. What 12 years old girl wants to hear that word? Wasn’t it bad enough that I was a pre-teen on the verge of high school? By the time I got married I was a portly 200 pounds.

Here’s a before picture from the day after my wedding:

When I got my professional wedding pictures back I was shocked. I didn’t realize I looked like that. When I looked in the mirror I saw a chunky girl, but not someone that big.

When I think about it now I realize that this is the point where I started to change. I was always unhappy with the way I looked, but somehow seeing those pictures bothered me.

In August of 2009 I joined Weight Watchers. Now, I realize Weight Watchers isn’t the perfect fit for everyone, but it works for me. But I don’t just attribute my weight loss to being on the program, a large part of it is the fact that I wanted to change. I was sick of hiding from the camera, and buying clothes to hide the way I looked. I wanted to be healthy, I wanted to keep up with my husband, a skateboarder, who seems to constantly be in motion. I wanted to be able to walk my dog and not feel like I needed a nap after.

I wanted to be happy with myself.

I was shocked to step on the scale at my first meeting and see that I weighed 201.8 pounds. How did I get that big? Why didn’t anybody tell me I was that big? I committed myself right then to cutting the junk food out of my life (for the most part) and to start exercising. Until then exercising had always been a chore for me, and in a later post I’ll reveal what I do to keep myself happy while exercising.

To make a long, and somewhat tedious story short, here I am now down 55 pounds, and only 10 pounds away from my goal weight. I’ve had more ups and down than I thought I would, but when I look at my progress I’m thrilled.

Here’s what I look like now:

I have learned so much about myself, my relationship with food, and about fitness over the past year. I look forward to sharing my knowledge, as well as learning what you know, as I keep moving towards being the healthiest person I can be.


What made you want to get healthier? How long have you been on your journey?


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