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Off to the Races! July 27, 2010

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Hello everyone! I hope your day is treating you well.

Mine has been pretty alright. Even though the husband is in California, I’m keeping busy. (You can read that as lounging around, and spending time doing not much of anything.) As I promised yesterday, today I’m going to write about exercise, and what I do to keep it interesting.

When I started out on this lifestyle change I hated exercise. I used to tell people that the only time that they would see me running is if there were an emergency, and even that was pushing it. But when I started Weight Watchers I realized that if I really wanted to see the number on the scale change I would have to do more than just eat better.

So I started trying to figure out what exercise would best fit into my life. Enter my awesome bicycle:

You know, I’ve always wanted a green bicycle. I can remember being so disappointed on Christmas morning when I walked out of my room to find a blue one. But you better believe that as soon as I had the chance to pick out a bike it was going to be green.

For the first month I rode that bike everywhere. It was fun, and it was exercise. And for my efforts I got to watch the number on the scale steadily decrease. But after a while bicycling wasn’t feasible. The New England weather wouldn’t allow it. So I turned to workout DVDs. 30 Day Shred anyone? But I got sick of that pretty fast.

Enter my latest love:


Running! (I wish I looked that good running.) I started running in January of this year by doing the C25K program. It was slow going at first, and I doubted my ability to do it. But the program was so easy to follow, and before I knew it I had signed up for my first 5k.

I felt amazing! Crossing that finish line was, and still is one of the highlights of my life. After that I started signing up for as many races as I possibly could.

But when I don’t have a race to look forward to I find that my running starts to slow down. To the point where I’m only hitting the pavement once or twice a week. So that leads me to what I’m doing now:

Training for the Hartford Half-Marathon on October 9,2010.

13.1 miles.

Me. The girl who wouldn’t run unless forced to is going to willingly run a half-marathon. This might be the miracle my gym teachers were looking for.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. What am I going to do once I finish my half-marathon? And I don’t have an answer to that. Not yet anyway.

One challenge at a time.

Who knows maybe a sprint triathlon is in my future. Anybody have any suggestions for what I should train towards after my half?

Well, I have to go walk the Bear. See you later Blogland.


Question for you:

What exercise to you enjoy? How do you stay motivated?


2 Responses to “Off to the Races!”

  1. I love the variation that triathlon training offers – you can never get bored when there are 3 disciplines to train for!

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