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Wish Us Luck! July 30, 2010

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Howdy Friends!

It’s that wonderful time of the evening where I entertain you with my blog shenanigans. My work day was a little crummy, but the festivities after definitely made up for it. I got to go bowling with some of my nearest and dearest. Spending time with friends always puts me in a better mood.

I took the day off from running today, since I have a race coming up tomorrow. The Westport Road Runners 4.7 miler.

I’m fortunate enough to have my cousin, Kena, running this one with me.

She’s a lot faster than I am, but that’s just incentive to get me moving faster.

I’m big on race day ritual. For every race that I have run I eat the same breakfast. I can’t leave the house without eating my whole wheat toast with peanut butter and drinking a cup of coffee. I usually try to wear at least one item of clothing from the race I did before too. I figure if I did well in my last race it makes sense to keep the good vibes going by not changing much.

I also like to have a goal in mind when it comes to my races. My first goal is to finish. I always want to cross the finish line, once that is accomplished I like to hope that I haven’t finished last. But I try to take every race as an opportunity to learn about what works for me as a competitor.

I want to be a good sport.

There is no use in being hard on myself if I can’t come in under a certain time, or within a certain part of my age group. The best I can do is use my performance as a way to evaluate my training and how to prepare better for next time. For example when I did the Red Dress Run on July 10th I was trying to come in under 30 minutes, but when I crossed that finish line the clock read 30:28. I was 29 seconds over my goal time. I was pretty bummed at first, but then I realized that it was not my last 5k. There will be others, and that gives me plenty of time to get faster.

Wish us luck for tomorrow. I’ll be back tomorrow afternoon with a race recap, as well as our results. Sleep tight, Blogland!

Questions for you:

Do you have any race day rituals you complete before crossing the starting line?

Do you have a goal in mind when you sign up for a race? How do you decide what it will be?


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