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Nighttime Phone Blogging August 6, 2010

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Howdy Friends!

I’m blogging from my iPhone right now. It’s crazy what you can do with technology these days, huh?

Fridays for me are just a repeat of Wednesdays. I get the privilege of getting up at 4:30 in the morning. But today I refused to succumb to an afternoon nap and instead I busted out a 3 mile run in 33:02. Believe it or not that’s pretty fast for me.

Part of the reason I wanted to fit in a nice run was because I knew I was going to have dinner with two very awesome friends tonight.

When I finally pick out my camera I promise I’ll take pictures like there’s no tomorrow. Suffice it to say we are all very attractive people.

While I was running I was trying to think of reasons why I want to lead a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes I find that if I focus on something other than the actual activity I’m doing my workout goes faster. Here’s what I came up with in no particular order:

I want to live a long, happy life with my husband.

I want to be healthy for my future kids. Conceiving is easier if you’re at a healthy weight, and I want to be able to do things with them.

I want to be a good example for my students. I start a teaching internship in a couple of weeks and I realize that I have the potential to play a vital role in the kids lives.

I want to be able to meet every challenge head on. Being healthy gives me more energy, and makes it so that I never look at a task in front of me and think I can’t do it. I’m not saying being fit makes everything easy, but at least I won’t be huffing and puffing the whole way through. I don’t want my weight to be an obstacle.

And lastly, I want to make sure that I’m around to watch my loved ones accomplish their goals. This ties in pretty closely with everything above. I lost my mom because she never took care of her body, and I’m not going to let that be me. I’m going to be there for every birthday, every graduation, and as many get togethers as I can.

I’ve been feeling kind of down lately and that’s been killing my desire to exercise, and of course that’s affecting my food choices. I find that making a list of reasons why I’m trying to lead a healthy lifestyle will give me concrete specifics as to why I should lace up my sneakers, and why I should pick carrots over cake. (And I don’t think carrot cake counts as a happy medium.)

Thanks for letting me share my list with you.

See you later, alligator.

Questions for you:
What keeps you going when you feel down? What makes you keep exercising even though sometimes it’s the last thing you’re thinking of?

P.S. I read this quote the other day that said “you’ll never regret a run you take, but you will regret the one you skip.”

I don’t know who said it, but I bust this bad boy out when the couch is feeling so comfortable that I don’t want to get up.


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