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Keep on Truckin’ August 12, 2010

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Greetings Earthlings! (Now I’m an alien. Sweet.)

I finally did my 7 mile run!

I tried a new pair of contacts after work today, and there was no pain in sight so I took the opportunity to hit the road. Ridiculously, when I opened the garage door I was greeted by rain, but I didn’t let that deter me. I was itching to go for a run.

But let me tell you, I must have been channeling my brother-in-law when I mapped out the route I ran today. I can’t think of any other reason the last 2 miles of my 7 mile run would be in the woods, on a trail, climbing steadily uphill.

Needless to say I took some walk breaks, and I’m not really sure what my official time was because my GPS didn’t work in the woods, but it was probably about an hour and a half.

I was sweating, and panting like a mad woman going up that Tower Path, at Sleeping Giant. But when I got to the top and saw this:

It was all worth it. I even found the energy in me to run up to the very top of the tower and take in the scenic views.

Even though it was a little cloudy.

And you know I had to look down.

I munched on a Kashi protein bar while I was up there. I’m trying to get rid of the ones I have,  but they’re just so dry, and they sit so heavy in my stomach that they don’t make good fuel.

Then I began my descent, and ran into the husband on the way down. I guess he didn’t want to wait in the parking lot, which is fine with me. I enjoyed the company on the way back down.

Trail running is a whole other beast than road running. My legs burned like crazy while I was doing it, and I had to keep a constant eye on the ground in front of me so that I wouldn’t trip. It’s making me worry a little about the race on Sunday, but I’ll worry about that later. Have you ever done a trail run before? Did you enjoy it?

Dinner tonight was EPIC!

I transformed this:

Into this:

And then finally into this:

I made the zucchini into noodles (zoodles!) by using this nifty julienne tool from Pampered Chef that my mother-in-law (Hi Susan!) gave me for Christmas.

I topped said zoodles with this Raw Mediterranean Sauce and then with marinated tofu, and a balsamic reduction.

The tofu was marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil, red pepper flakes, 5-spice powder, garlic powder, turmeric, and sesame seeds.

My whole serving was about 5 Points Value, but it was huge. It could easily be cut down.

This was my first experimentation with Raw cooking, even though it was not entirely raw because of the reduction. Is it still called cooking when the food is raw?

This meal was so light and fresh. I loved the way the flavors of the sauce came together, and the zucchini had this awesome crunch. I am thoroughly looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow. And the best part is that putting it together literally took 10 minutes. That is my kind of meal.

I was skeptical at first about eating raw zucchini, but slicing it so thin makes it nice and light, and the flavor is really mild.

I guarantee you this will not be the only raw recipe that you’ll see on this blog. Do you eat raw food? Any recipe recommendations?

Okay cool cats, it’s time for this blogger to go to bed.

Goodnight, Blogland!

Question for you:

If you could be in any movie what movie would you choose and why? Originally I was going to ask what horror movie, and then I realized that could get pretty gruesome.

I would be in Harold and Maude. I’d play Maude naturally. I hope I’m an eccentric old woman someday.


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