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Total Domination August 14, 2010

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See that title?

That’s what my cousin Kena and I are going to do to the West Rock Challenge tomorrow.

We are going to dominate.

Well, she’ll dominate, and I’ll bring up the rear.

I got the all clear from my eye doctor this morning. He said I must have contaminated my contacts somehow, and advised me to be a little more careful. He was really cool about the whole thing though, and I’m excited to have a clean bill of health.

After getting the good news I worked for a bit and then came home to make a feast.

I wanted to make sure Kena and I had proper fuel for tomorrow, so I made a nice pasta salad. I find that adding a bag of broccoli slaw to my pasta salads provides a nice crunch as well as a serving of veggies. How do you fit all of your fruits and vegetable serving in?

After dinner, we took a 2 mile walk around town, and then somehow found ourselves at Coldstone Creamery. Or as my Dad calls it, Coldstone Mountain. I think ice cream makes an excellent fuel, don’t you?

Like every race before this I only really have one goal in mind. I want to finish, and finish strong. I’m not worried about coming in last this time, because trail races are hard. If I come in last then it is what it is. My potential as an athlete is only growing. If my mom were around she would laugh so hard that I just called myself an athlete, but as time goes on I’m starting to think I might be. I think that’s a post for another day though.

Sorry to keep it short, Blogland, but this racer is going to hit the showers, then hit the hay.

See you tomorrow with a race recap. I think this is going to be my most challenging race yet.

And so you don’t feel like you’re walking away empty-handed here is a completely unrelated picture from our honeymoon.

This is Sainte-Chapelle in Paris. It was definitely one of my favorite places, and I’d love to go again.

Question for you:

What’s the most challenging event you’ve ever taken part of? Was it physically or emotionally challenging or both?


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