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Quickie Post August 1, 2010

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Hey Guys!

I’ve got a quick post for you this morning before I head off to run errands with the husband. (YAY! He’s finally home.)

You should all check out this post Katie put up at Health for the Whole Self.

Today is Be Body Positive day. What that means is that you should take today to appreciate who you are. Let go of those imperfections you see and embrace the beautiful person you really are. Because really, we are all pretty stinkin’ awesome.

I am all for celebrating something like this. I can admit that I do not always have positive thoughts about myself. In fact I think I’m pretty rough on myself sometimes, and I love the fact that there is a day dedicated to eradicating the negative self-talk.

So today, and hopefully forever, I plan on stopping myself every time I begin to think about myself in a bad way and replace those thoughts with something I like about myself.

Join me, and sign the petition.

Question for you:

What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

For me I love my sense of humor. I think I am a laugh riot. Not to sound modest or anything.